The SmartKlamp® a new invention

The SmartKlamp® is a new, disposable, circumcision tool, which is designed to create, a safer, faster, and smarter way to perform circumcisions.

The SmartKlamp® is a small plastic device, which workings can be compared with the umbilical cord clamp. It consists of a plastic transparent tube of polycarbonate, and a white clamping mechanism of nylon. It is very light and easy to use.

The SmartKlamp® has been designed using the latest plastic technology, and is produced according the highest quality standards in an ISO 9002, EN 46000 certified plant in Singapore.

Through its unique design the SmartKlamp® provides for full protection of the penis during the circumcision, and gives a cosmetically predictable result. It makes the circumcision practically bloodless, which helps reducing the risk of spreading infections like AIDS or Hepatitis.

The SmartKlamp® comes in various sizes, from newborn (10mm) to adult, and is individually EO sterilized packed. Every SmartKlamp® is supplied with a size-0-meter, to ensure you select the right size of device.

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History Of Smartklamp Circumcisions

From Newsdesk
Hengelo, Jan. 2004
Adult sizes SmartKlamp XL (27mm) and XXL (35mm) available from March 1, 2004!!
MEDICA in Dusseldorf huge success!

Feb. 2004.

With the launch of the adult sizes SmartKlamp® in March of this year Circumvent introduces a further improved, anatomically optimal, designed SmartKlamp® .

The Research and Development of this new range of products started already late 2001, when specialists around the world gave their input in our original product design. This has resulted in a long process of testing and optimizing the shape of the new SmartKlamp®.

Angular design for a more flexible approach to circumcision :

The new design caters for the demand of the specialists to be able to make a “high and tight” circumcision if so desired by the clients. The angular design follows the shape of the corona, thereby ensuring that the dorsal part of the skin can be cut higher, and leaving the least possible amount of foreskin.

CE marked high quality manufacturing:

The new SmartKlamp® XL and XXL are CE marked. Circumvent uses the latest plastic technology, leaving no room for fatal mistakes and product flaws.

Male circumcision is in 99,9% of the cases an elective surgical procedure; the SmartKlamp® offers the doctors an instrument that is virtually fool proof, and minimizes the risk of adverse events, in any circumstance. With the availability of the SmartKlamp® the patients don’t need to fear anymore infections, bleeding of the wound, or ugly scars.

Exciting new research underway:

Circumvent is leading the way in Research and Development in the area of Male Circumcision. We will be publishing shortly some really exciting outcomes of studies currently performed in various Universities around the world. Keep on following this website for further news updates!

Hengelo, March 11, 2004

Circumvent BV of the Netherlands, manufacturer of the SmartKlamp®, a novel disposable circumcision device, was informed today that the product is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for the sales and marketing in the United States of America.

The SmartKlamp® is a disposable circumcision device, that has been developed to make the male circumcision procedure safer, faster, and smarter. The product provides for protection of the glans, prevents bleeding, and does not cause cross infections. The circumcision is stitch free, and provides for an optimal cosmetic end result.

Worldwide, every year around 20 million men are being circumcised. The US market represents one of the single largest markets in the world for circumcision, with every year well over 1.2 million circumcisions performed. The SmartKlamp® is launched three years ago in Malaysia, and is now available in more then thirty countries worldwide.

Circumvent BV is currently in discussion with several interested companies to market and distribute the SmartKlamp® in the US market. A formal announcement should be expected in the near future. 

Circumvent BV is a privately held company with its headquarters based in the Netherlands. For the manufacturing of its device it makes use of the plastic engineering skills of Fineplas Holdings Ltd in Singapore, where the product is being produced under CE certified manufacturing conditions.

From Newsdesk
Hengelo, April 18, 2004

SmartKlamp introduces the SmartKlamp XL and XXL, with a newly designed anatomical shape.
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