Frequently Ask Questions

1. What sizes available here:

Smartklamp sizes 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm
Taraklamp sizes 28mm and 32mm
Alisklamp sizes 30mm and 34mm

2. What is o-meter?

It is a measurement plastic paper with holes of various diameter size to be applied to the glans penis before the circumcision procedure, to let the circumciser pick the right size of the circumcision device.

3. How to measure the glans size with o-meter?

Retract the prepuse skin to expose the glans fully.
In normal anatomical position and condition (flacid) . Apply the o-meter to the glans by inserting the appropiate hole size to the glans. It should be able to cover the whole glans or at least +1mm or – 2mm diameter.

4. How to choose the size?

Mr. A has a size of 29mm glans diameter .
He can pick a 30mm device or 28mm device.

Mr B has a size of 30mm glans diameter.
He can pick a 30mm or 28mm size device.
Of course, preferably a 30mm size.

5. How to make the circumcision process goes smoothly?

a. use proper local anesthetic with proper durations.
b. make sure the area ( skin internal and external layers) are fully anaesthesied.
c. uncover and release any skin attachment (adhesions or phymosis) to the glans penis.
d. measure the size with o-meter.
e. mark the skin to be removed ( around the edge of the glans or 1-2mm distal) and do another perpendicular mark to make sure that the alignment of the urethral opening stays in the middle (anatomy location).
f. insert the inner tube, pull as much skin as possible (up to the marking line)over the tube.
g. apply the outer tube, pull the skin again, then lock the device.
f. cut the excess skin with scapel or surgical scissors.

6. How long will the circumcision wound heals?

Healing process follow normal structure healing process like any other wounds. How ever, it also depends on the size and thickening of the skin / wound. Thus a child of 5 days old heals within a week, while a child of 10 years old may take 10 to 21 days to heal completely.