Circumcision Made Easy Tutorial

An easy way to learn device circumcision

The tutorial will guide you step-by-step on how to perform a better circumcision with smartklamp. With this tutorial, one can start practicing the procedure even if he or she had not done any circumcision before.

Device circumcision is easy, fast, less pain and almost bloodless. Many doctors and specialist from medical centers have been using this method since 2002.

Learning this type of circumcision is to a great extent easier compared with traditional method of cut, needle and stitch.

Besides, the outcome is better as patients can walk and put on short immediately after the procedures. 

If you are planning to circumcise your patients with disposable clamp method, then this video tutorial might help you improve your circumcision skills.

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Parents have always been asking questions about their undergoing circumcised child with smartklamp.

The answers are inside the presentation.
It is a video clip presentations about how smartklamp circumcision was done.


– Audio-video presentation in menu style 
– Some details about circumcisions 
– Some facts about smartklamp 
– Step by step video clips of the circumcision 
– Feature about 20 minutes of total videos length 
– Smartklamp removal and its follow up till total heal

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Circumcision made easy for parents and guidance
An overall view of device circumcision procedure for nonprofessional