Alisklamp method

(From Alisklamp Pamphlet)

• alisklamp is designed and produced for the professional use.
Must be used by medical personnel, experienced personnel in circumcision.
• It disposable, packed in sterile bag and outer box, do not use products in damaged box and bag.
• It is very important to use alis-meter for using the proper alisklamp’ size using improper size causes a worse
• It is very important after 24 hours from the circumcision for the bleeding and uretic disorder complications. Family
must be warned about these complications.
• Circumcised person and/or his family must be warned to do not perform heavy and extreme movements, but patient must be supported to continue daily activities (for example going to school).
• Circumciser must keep always one unit conventional circumcision Set for the complication probability.

USING alisklamp•

• Diameter of the penis is measured With alis-meter and a right measured alisklamp is found.
• The part of circumcision skin which will be cut is marked.
• Local anesthesia is being applied properly, wait till effects start.
• By pulling back the circumcision skin, the conjoint parts opens and smegma is being cleaned.

WITH alisklamp
1.) Plastic tube is Implanted to the head of the penis as short side comes to frenulum, must be careful to
locate the uretic hole (meatus external) at center.
Circumcision skin which is pulled back, is pulled over tube.

insert inner tube

2.) While holding the circumcision skin and the tube with left hand stable, white clamp is implanted passing
through to the tube firstly round part, then rectangular part.

put outer clamp
put outer clamp

3.) While the tube and the skin over tube is held with the left hand stable, white clamp is turned around
the tube as quarter round. Triangle and round raises on tube and the white clamp must be sit properly to
each other. If needed, for holding the circumcision skin in suitable condition, artery forceps be also used.
Lower part of the white clamp, must be aligned to the outer skin which is marked earlier. It is not necessary
to be sticked to this line, but it is advised to do the adjustment of the skin, parallel to this line.


4.) After completing the adjustment of the outer skin, adjournment of the inner skin(mucosa) turn comes.
Glans must be seen inside of the tube, uretic hole must be adjusted in the center. Mucosa must be at the
same distance far from the glans penis. This distance can be short or long as the wish of the circumciser.
Ideal length must not be longer than 5mm. After being sure from the adjustment of outer skin and inner skin,
locker arms are pushed till hearing the double click sound and tool locks this way.


5.) Circumcision skin is cut directly the lower layer of the damp. (NEVER CUT FROM BOTTOM)

Cut skin
Cut skin

6.) In this way circumcision operation is completed.


REMOVAL OF THE alisklamp

• alisklamp• is left attached for the new born 24 hours, and in the continuing ages, proportional with the
age, 2 (two) and 5 (five) days. Circumcised person, can get shower or have a bath while alisklamp is attached.
There is no need for medical dressing. It is adviced for babies to be nappies and for older person it is adviced
to wear pants.


When the removal day of Clamp comes, it is cut from the thinnest places of the white clamp top plate which
is at the farther place to the penis correspondently by a cutter that can cut plastic (nail clippers, side cutter etc. )
After the clamp has removed, tube part is slipped off. For aches it is advised to use local anesthetic sprays
and creams. Necrotic part will be disappeared in a few days. This operation can be done by an assistant person
and / or by family very easily. But it is ideal to be removed at the clinic in which the circumcision is done.

Final view

final view
final view
final view2
final view2