Male circumcision

Treating teenage phimosis and paraphimosis

Male circumcision is a surgical procedure that involves partial or complete removal of the foreskin (prepuce) of the penis. The circumcision on man had started thousand years ago. It was part of the people’s culture who live in the hot climate area such as in Australia, the Pacific Islands, and equatorial countries, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

Most of male circumcisions was performed for religious, cultural and medical reasons. Medical indications for circumcision have become more popular ever since the sharp increase of modern surgery. Since early 19th century most surgeons were performing their circumcision with cut, suturing and ligation techniques. The surgery became widely accepted especially when anesthesia and antiseptics were used. 

Generally there are two methods of circumcision, without clamp device or with clamp device. Methods of surgery without clamp devices are forceps guided technique, sleeve resection and dorsal slit techniques.

Circumcision with clamp method means removing of the foreskin with the aid of special equipments. These equipments are either metal or plastic origin. They provide extra safety measures to the circumcision procedures. Some of the common devices used are Gomco clamp, Mogen clampPlastibellTaraclamp and Smartclamp.
Now more and more people prefer to have their children circumcised by clamp method, which is less pain, faster, less bleeding and cosmetically better.

Circumcision has been widely studied, reported and presented by WHO (World Health Organization.) WHO provide detail guideline on male circumcision using device type to prevent HIV. The latest articles on 2013, defining the scope of the guidance , retrieving the evidence, rating the evidence, clinical evaluation of the device and recommendation.

The practice of using device for circumcision is an evidence based practice as reported by WHO. The device is certainly safe, less bleeding and cosmetically better than manual stich cut traditional method. Having this safer and better methods will help to improve the service and productivity of healthcare organization, and for private healthcare it may provide competitive advantage which improve the revenue.

Smartklamp circumcision interactive video tutorial proudly presents 2 audio-video tutorials about the circumcision using smartklamp. One is for professional health care and the other for nonprofessional and parents.

The interactive tutorial will guide you step-by-step on how to perform a better circumcision with smartklamp. With this tutorial, one can start practicing the procedure even if he or she had not done any circumcision before.

Smartklamp Device is device used to apply during the procedure of male circumcisions

Apart from the video tutorial, we also sell smartklamp, taraklamp and alisklamp circumcision device with various sizes. They can be purchased in our store here.

Currently, there are 5 different sizes of smartklamp available to use that suitable for certain age group. The product is manufactured and distributed by Wawasan Medik Sdn Bhd. It has been used widely for circumcision in Malaysia, Indonesia and some other South East Asia countries.

The main features of this highly quality product is
easily applied,
special locking mechanism and
a disposible item.

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Smartklamp is a circumcision device for male circumcision. It is not an automatic circumcision device as claimed by some people. This device is used manually to assist male circumcision. It should only be applied by a trained medical healthcare professional such as surgeons, doctors and paramedics. The circumciser should also have some experience in old method of circumcision such as free-hand dorsal slit circumcision. 

Thus the surgical procedure of the circumcision may undergo with less complications and better outcome to the patients.

Circumcision using Smartklamp is easy, fast, less pain and almost bloodless. Many doctors and specialist from medical centers both public and private sectors have been using this item since 2002.