Smartklamp procedure

How does the SmartKlamp® work?

Using SmartKlamp® Circumcision Device


* Measure the size of the diameter of the penis with the provided size-0-meter to ensure the right size of SmartKlamp® is being used.

* Apply local anesthesia, for instance by injection at the base of the penis, and wait untill the anesthesia is active.

* Mark the area of the foreskin which you intend to remove circumferentially.

* Pull the prepuce back and clean the glans thoroughly and free adhesions.

1. Place the tube over the glans. Ensure the meatus urinae is centrally located. Roll the retracted prepuce back over the clear tube.

2. Place the clamping device with circular end first over the tube with one hand, whilst holding the tube with prepuce in the other hand. Then position the tube through the rectangular hole of the clamping mechanism.

3. Turn the clamping ring one quarter, untill the distal end “clicks” in place. If so required use artery forceps to hold prepuce in position.

4. Once satisfied, apply the clamp locking mechanism by pressing both the outer locking arms together untill the double click sound present/heard. The lock is now properly secured.

5. Cut and remove the prepuce just above the clamp ring edge. (Never cut below the clamping ring edge!)

The patient may have regular showers or baths, especially on the day of removal, which is after five days. Is is important to keep the area clean throughout.

6. After a period of Five (5) days remove the clamping mechanism, by cutting the ring at the distal end with pliers/cutters.

Remove the tube carefully off the penis; it is recommended to use a local aneasthetic to avoid pain sensation.

A small ring of necrotic tissue will remain, and disappear by itself in a few days. The circumcision is ready.

Advantages of smartklamp circumcision


* Protection of the glans penis during circumcision
* No bleeding, so no cross infections or transmission ofHepatitis or HIV
* Easy to perform the operation


* Free and easy access to the prepuce
* One click closing mechanism, no stitching required
* No need for operating theatre, thus shorter preparation and aftercare


* Superior cosmetic result
* Cost effective
* Improved convenience
* Reduced traumatic experience 

Smartklamp Device
for use in male circumcisions

From June 2008 onwards, all products of smartklamp are available here.
There are 5 different sizes for different ages.

Smartklamp has been used widely in South East Asia.

The main features of this highly quality product is
easily applied, 
special locking mechanism and 
a disposible item.

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